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Web enabled plant

Startup of chemical plant   ' N. ZYGOURAKIS S.A.  ' 

[New!]Chemical   installation in Lavrio, Greece with 2000A Power inlet,  distribution, MCC Panels and full automatic operation with distributed I/O over Fieldbus. 

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A  system with  high - tech control  for standard products and ease of operation.



1/10/2000 -- a  Web enabled site for polymer emultion Production feauturing 2000A Power distribution and MCC Panels from Dedoussis Engineering is coming in a stage of final startup. Automation is controlled by Soft Logic PLC with remote I/O units and Profibus-DP  with the support of  ASi   Network.

Intranet technology brings the user interface practicaly anywere in the world ! All needed is a PC with a modern Internet Browser and a modem !!!!! 

Complete industrial Software solution with Batch management from Global Weighing ( InBatch ) and SCADA from Emation ( WizFactory 2 ).

For More Information Contact:

Dedoussis Engineering Ltd

downtown:   19 Erivoias st.,  Athens GR10443   GREECE
head office:  20 Neratzoulas st.,  Athens      GREECE

Tel: +30-10-2409990
FAX: +30-10-2445970
Internet: sales@dedoussis.com



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